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Gerard (Peoria)
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kalau memang DIA ADA dan DIA BAIK, dan DIA yang menciptakan dan DIA juga yang maha berkehendak, mengapa DIA CIPTAKAN ORANG JAHAT DAN MEMBIARKAN KEJAHATAN TERJADI ?jika DIA MAHA MELINDUNGI kenapa bisa jatuh korban ?
Сообщение #1916, написано в понедельник, 5 декабря 2016 года, в 23:36
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I have a black “henna looking” tattoo on my right foot. My mom drew it and it means alot to have my moms art permanently on my body. It also has a bird in it that represents my mom because she has 2 bird tattoos. It also has a Catfish in it because my fathers clown name when he performs is Catfish. So it represents both of my parents. My mom also had it tattooed on her so we match YAY
Сообщение #1915, написано в понедельник, 5 декабря 2016 года, в 23:30 (mfGsQbBJhL)
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I usually play female. Varnor was my male, but the name is taken on our EQ2 server. I have a Varnor elsewhere at the moment. In UO I found that the d00dz were a bit crude when speaking to my male character, which made me feel pretty blah about playing them.
Сообщение #1914, написано в понедельник, 5 декабря 2016 года, в 23:29
Mittie (Isdalsto)
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Iesha (Unterwuhr)
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stupid feedbar is always popping up while im trying to browse or comment the video!not only that but I start typing a comment and the stupid thing changes my video! I set to NOT auto.. but it changes after every refresh! and so does the stupid button to make it stay down...I hate this crap
Сообщение #1910, написано в понедельник, 5 декабря 2016 года, в 23:10
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Edgardo (Le Port)
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